43 inch 1260Fibr FiberGlass Cone Fan

FiberGlass Cone Fan,SMC FiberGlass Cone Fan,SMC Cone Fan,SMC Poultry Farm FiberGlass Cone Fan


43 Inch SMC Poultry Farm FiberGlass Cone Fan

What Specifications of Air Cooler ?

FiberGlass Cone Fan,SMC FiberGlass Cone Fan,SMC  Cone Fan,SMC Poultry Farm FiberGlass Cone Fan

1, The patented design provides excellent performance. Self-draining, sloped housing is quick and easy to clean reducing maintenance costs, high

strength, service time more than 10 years

2, Thick and corrosion resistance SMC housing. Rust-free, corrosion-free, both side is glossy, high output performance and low maintenance

3, maximize performance and durable 6 balanced SMC paddle blades, easily assembled, and operate smoothly

4, Direct drive fan requiring no belts, no bearings to grease with high efficiency with no drive loss

5, Special shutter design lower resistance with preventing back drafts
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What More Detailed Pictures ?

Product Features
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What More Questions ?

  • QWhat is the MOQ ?
  • ANormally 20GP for big unit , 40HQ for small unit .
  • QHow about the Fiberglass Fan material ? 
  • AThick and corrosion resistance SMC housing ,and 100% pure copper for motor .
  • QWhat voltages you can do , if we can make special voltages?
  • AAlmost all kinds of voltages we all can make .
  • QI want to use our own brand , is it ok?
  • AOf course it's OK , we can make OEM products and also can provide our own brand products,it's all by your request .
  • QWhat payment term ? 
  • ANormally T/T or L/C we can accept .
  • QWhen you ship my order?
  • ANormally 7-30days after receiving your payment, but it can be negotiated based on order qty and production schedule.
  • QHow about the warranty ?
  • AAll the unit we have one year warranty .
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Additional information

Name:43 inch 1260Fibr FiberGlass Cone Fan
Diameter Biades:1080mm/43inch
Total Pressure:70Pa
Biades Rotational Speed:520
Noise Decibels:70db
Application:Industrial,commercial, room, household, warehouse


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