7090 Honeycomb evaporative Cooling Pad

Name:7090 Honeycomb evaporative Cooling Pad
Product name:Cooling Pad
Color:Brown,Black ,Green
Material:100 pure wood pulp
Certification:air cooler,Industrial, warehouse,pheasantry,cowhouse,poultry

Greenhouse Poultry Equipment 7090 Honeycomb evaporative Cooling Pad

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1. The cross-link technology is adopted between the space and the new material featured with brilliant performance including high ability to absorb, great water proof, anti-mildew, long service life, great ratio of surface evaporation with the efficiency to cool up to eighty percent.

2. The Evaporative cooling pad is covered with active agent on the surface, ability to absorb the water naturally, quick pervasion and the long effectiveness. Within four to five seconds, the water can disappear. High ability to absorb includes 60-70mm/5 minutes, 200mm/1.5 hours at international standard.

3. Without phenol and any other chemical substances, the skin can be protected from the allergy facing the installation of the products, featured with safety, energy saving, environmental protection and economic application.