Maxesc Greenhouse Exhaust Fan

Why Choose our greenhouse exhaust fan ?

1, Six 430 stainless steel blades which are formed in one step are aesthetic , no dust, resistant to deformation and durable. The volume of air is in a large amount because it is designed in special shape of blades without deformation and completion. The volume can maintain the same amount all the time. It is 1.2mm thick with the surface finish at BA grade. 

2, High strength of the aluminum magnesium alloy can be used to make the fan belt pulley by means of die-casting so as to make the blade impeller completion lighter in weight featured with high resistance against the corrosion. With three reinforced ribs pulley design, the treatment of blast sanding can contribute to charming appearance, and the own rigidity and stability can be improved under the elimination of the internal stress. 
3,Maxesc Greenhouse exhaust fan frame adpot the international standard plate, the thick zinc coating 275g/sqm ensures great corrosion resistance, the bottom outlet design makes fan structure more reasonable
4, Motor from famous brands in China and Siemens can be accessible with the voltage and frequency of motor can be provided with customized services. Chinese motor OEM by special design for fan, the first put in the phase lack protection device which would power off when shortage of electricity. Motor protection grade IP55, insulation class F grade.
5, Maxesc heavy duty exhaust fan bearing is the double row bearing which is imported and designed to be waterproof featured with high strength, less noise, free charge of maintenance fee and long service life. 
6, The belt brand is SANLISHI with long service life and free charge of maintenance. 
7, Using high strength nylon swung drop hammer opening device to ensue the shutters opening and closing flexibly.
8, Intelligent dynamic balance tester can adjust the blades with every tolerance weight of the blade within 1g. The fan can smoothly run with lower vibration, less noise and more stability. The blade can be made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, FRP or the galvanized sheet. 
9, Rust can be prevented by safe net as well as the hot-dip galvanized blade.
10, Maxesc heavy duty industrial greenhouse exhaust fan quality can be improved to be the top grade as well as the aesthetic appearance due to the completely newly CNC production line. 

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