20000CMH 1.5kW Down Discharge Big Airflow Swamp Air Cooler

Name:20000CMH 1.5kW Down Discharge Big Airflow Swamp Air Cooler
Max Airflow:20000CMH
Water Tank:30L
Cooling Area:100-150㎡
Certification:CB, CE
Application:Industrial,commercial, room, household, warehouse

Big Airflow Swamp Air Cooler for industrial


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1.  Swamp Cooler can be applied in a plant covering an area of 80 to 100 square meters in humid area as well as a plant covering an area of 100 to 200 square meters in dry area. 

2. In terms of the LCD display, it is at one speed, that is 380V or at 12 speeds, that is 220~240V. There are various protections such as the phase protection of voltage and current, over current and voltage, water shortage and full automatic drainage. 

3.  Swamp Cooler starts and runs in a smooth manner with hundred percent of copper wire motor while the cabinet is made of aluminum alloy or the heavy cast iron. 

4. The cabinet is completely new and made of PP plastic, which is also kept from aging, UV and rust with a lifetime for fifteen years. 

5. The 5090# cooling pad with 100mm thickness is in high quality, good for evaporation and temperature reduction, easy for cleaning, with the edge protective and durable. 

6. The water can spray in an even and smooth way with the water distribution system as well as the water pipe which is hard and open type. 

7. Three , four and nine nylon fan blade option. The energy consumption is low as well as the noise. 



1. Water sterilization devices-UV-Lamp

2. Humidity and temperature sensor. 

3. Memory function: it can start again when it powers on.